The Self-Care Quarterly Subscription Box


Supplements, essential oils, natural beauty products, teas, paper goods, healthy snacks, sleeping aids, herbal blends, spices, bath & beauty products, healthy desserts, yoga products, recipes, candles, cleaning supplies, non-toxic alternatives, motivational tips, coupons, & books


Each quarterly box is specially curated by Emily Ames, a Certified Nutritional Therapist (NTP), and will have a wellness theme: for example, gut health, natural beauty, anxiety, adrenal health, sleep, non-toxic cleaning, and autoimmunity.

  • Cancel or pause your subscription at any time

  • No charge when signing up

  • If you sign up now, you will receive the October box. You won’t be charged until Oct 1

  • The October theme is Mind & Mood!

Bring the Body Into Balance

I will introduce you to unique holistic health products and supplements that support the body's natural healing mechanisms and bring the body back into balance.

I pair these products with educational materials on how to heal the body naturally. 

Each box will vary and will include both full size and sample size products.  It may include supplements, essential oils, natural beauty products, teas, paper goods, snacks, sleeping aids, herbs, spices, bath products, motivational materials, coupons, or books that support the theme of that subscription box. 

How Does the Subscription Work?

  • Your box will ship every three months: Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct

  • You will be billed on the first of that shipping month and then on a recurring basis every three months. 

  • You can cancel at any time or pause your subscription. 

If you subscribe now,

you will be purchasing the FALL box.

It will ship in OCTOBER.  

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Sharing My Favorite Products with You

Ever since being diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune disorder, I learned firsthand the importance of healing the body holistically and  finding products that are natural, non-toxic, and holistic in nature to help heal my body.   

The main goal of this subscription box is to use my nutritional therapy expertise as well as my personal experience to explain WHY symptoms happen and HOW to support the body in a natural way. I hand-pick products from other small holistic businesses that I feel align with that month’s theme.

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No payment required yet. You will be billed on Oct 1

You may cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

Always do your research and consult with a holistic or medical professional before starting any herbal or supplement regimen.