I am a certified holistic Nutritional Therapist who focuses on restoring health through REAL food. Diet, digestion, hydration, fatty acids, mineral balance and sugar handling are so delicately linked within the body that if just one of these elements is out of whack, your health will be negatively affected.  If you have a symptom, the body is telling you: “Something is out of balance.”  As a Nutritional Therapist, I work with you to identify such imbalances and then help you to restore your vitality and quality of life through diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.


The foundations of good health

Fatty Acid Balance

Mineral Balance

Sugar Handling/Adrenals

Gut Health


Nutrient-Dense, Real Food Diet

Are you...

  • Frustrated with doctors telling you "there's nothing wrong?"
  • Struggling with chronic symptoms and have no idea why (you’re tired, anxious, bloated, gaining weight)?
  • Willing to break through diet myths and nourish your body with what it needs?
  • Craving clarity and support as you make these changes?
  • Ready for a complete lifestyle change?

A few symptoms we can investigate...

  • depression
  • anxiety

  • food intolerances

  • bloating

  • food cravings
  • weight gain

  • joint pain/arthritis

  • underactive thyroid

  • heartburn
  • exhaustion

  • mood swings

  • addiction



Does this sound life- changing?

I am living proof that when we nourish ourselves properly, our body thrives.

And I am 100% ready to help you on your journey.

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