I am a Beautycounter Consultant because I am passionate about educating people on the importance of using safer beauty products. Beautycounter vows not to use over 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals in their products. I share this mission because I want teenage girls & women to have an alternative to chemical-laden beauty products that alter their hormones.


Other brands I support:

For oil pulling, I use coconut oil or Banyan Botanicals Daily Swish.  I use My Magic Mud instead of chemical-filled teeth whitening treatments.  I've tried ALL the natural deoderants and unfortunately, most don't cut it... PiperWai is one deoderant I have used and liked and also use a local brand called nFuse (I'm obsessed).  Using MotherDirt also reduces your need for deoderant.  It is important to use an aluminum-free deodorant because of its link to breast cancer, Alzheimers and exposure to heavy metals.  

Emu oil is my daily moisturizer and great for wrinkles and inflammation. Also great for burns.  Mother Dirt is a probiotic for your skin. Great for eczema, acne, uneven skin, and skin health.  Bentonite clay is great for a facial to pull out the toxins.  Another great brand is called TruOrganics (not pictured).  I also recommend Ancient Minerals for their topical magnesium products