The Water Filter I recommend... (Hint... It's not a Brita)

Pure, fresh water is one of THE most important things we can put in our body.  I used to drink tap water. I then switched to drinking water from a Brita thinking I was better informed.  Then I drank a lot of bottled water.  Unfortunately, none of these was enough to give me the pure, fresh water my body needs.  After a lot of research, I want to share with you the best water filter I've found

Unfortunately, our water supply is so contaminated that tap water is not good for our health.  It contains chlorine, pesticides, prescription drugs, bacteria, fluoride, and parasites.  A Brita is not strong enough to remove all of these items.  Using a Brita is better than NOTHING, but there is so much JUNK in our water, we need something stronger. 

You may say, "but I thought we needed fluoride in our water to prevent tooth decay?" I'm here to tell you, the fluoride in our water is HURTING us and our thyroids.  Therefore, it is SO important to find a filter that removes fluoride. The way to prevent tooth decay is to reduce sugar consumption and eat a nutrient-dense real food diet, not consume fluoride via our water.   

Dr. Isabella Wentz, the Thyroid Pharmacist, says "Just like other halogens, fluoride has been proven to act as a trigger in inducing thyroid cell death, as well as lead to the development of thyroid inflammation and autoimmune thyroid disease like Hashimoto’s."

So as our government continues to put fluoride in our water supply, it may actually be making us sicker.  Here are 50 reasons why you should oppose fluoride in our water

She goes on to say, "Furthermore, multiple studies have shown that fluoride is an endocrine disruptor, which means the body mistakes it as something else. It can actually alter the proper functioning of body processes. In the case of fluoride, it is recognized as iodine in the body. Because iodine is essential for every major body function on a cellular level, the body absorbs it into human organ tissues, all while mistaking it for iodine. Very little fluoride is excreted in urine or sweat, which leads to toxicity in the body. Over time, fluoride absorption in tissues manifests as actual lesions on endocrine glands, such as the thyroid."

"When people think of fluoride being prescribed for medicinal purposes, they generally think of fluoride supplementation to reduce tooth decay. Fluoride, however, has also been prescribed as a drug to reduce the activity of the thyroid gland." (Fluoride Action Network

The water filter I use is the Big Berkey. Reverse osmosis filters like the AquaTru also are an option although I do not have experience with these.  I encourage you to do your research and pick a good water filter beyond a Brita! Find one that removes fluoride. You may think it is expensive, but the filters last a LONG time and it is actually cheaper in the long run. 

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