You're not afraid to start. You're afraid to start small.

I heard this quotation at the Christy Wright Business Boutique and haven't been able to get it out of my head.

It rings true for so many of us in business and in life.  We're not scared to start something, we're scared to start small, look dumb and unsuccessful...or fail. We want to already have everything figured out before we even try.  We want to make everyone think we have more clients than we do. We want people to look at us and think we are credible.

But in reality, this stops us from trying a new skill or learning the lessons we need to learn.  You are legit, because you say you are legit. In fact, you are too legit to quit! We don't need others to tell us we are credible in what we do.  This mindset fuels the need to get validation from the outside world. It doesn’t really matter how people are viewing you if internally you are proud of what you have learned, how you are helping people, and how you have grown.

I’ll explain how this happened with me. I wanted to have a successful subscription box from DAY ONE. Well.... that is not how it works. I over-ordered products in the beginning (a great lesson I am thankful to have learned early on). I was overconfident, which I think really stemmed from being scared to admit I only had a few subscribers. Yet, I should have said to myself... "helloooo Emily, you have never even started a subscription box before! You have no idea what you're doing! Of course you only have a few subscribers."

Once @christybwright mentioned this quotation, it clicked. I realized that was my problem! I wanted to be a huge success from day one! But life doesn't work that way...

This probably breaks every business rule to admit this to the world, but I have 24 subscribers and I'm so incredibly grateful for each and every one of them! My goal was 25 by the end of November, so I'm pretty pumped.

I am so glad I tried out this new business venture... and now I only order the product I need even if it's a small amount.

It doesn't matter how many clients or subscribers you start with. It doesn’t matter if you look uncool or mess up or have never done it before. Just start and look small!