Why everyone should give up coffee for at least 30 days...

I'm fully accepting this won't be a very popular post… But I gotta say it!

Our society talks about coffee a lot! If I see another #butfirstcoffee meme, I'm gonna lose it.. jk haha.

I also know that you may ignore this advice coming from a non-coffee drinker.  I have never been a coffee drinker.... up until about 4 months ago when I discovered Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee and to my surprise... I actually liked the taste. I now have a cup every few weeks. But now I at least understand the appeal!

Some points to consider if coffee is a regular part of your life: .

■ The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant which means every day you're adding more stress on the body & adrenals
■ Caffeine is a drug. You may be addicted
■ Coffee dehydrates you
■ Coffee masks your real energy levels which makes you lose that mind - body connection & keeps you from listening to your symptoms. You may be more tired than you think
■ Many people use coffee to go to the bathroom. This could be masking a constipation problem
■ If you have anxiety, coffee may be making it worse
■ There can be mold, pesticides & mycotoxins in coffee
I'm not saying you can never drink coffee again or that coffee may not have some benefits ... but I do think we over exaggerate the health benefits in order to keep it in our lives. I think it is important to do a coffee detox every once in awhile to see how your body performs without it.  If you rely on coffee to get through the day or are drinking it daily, it may be a good time to take a look to see if it's still serving you by eliminating it for 30 days.

It could be masking a larger adrenal, energy, digestion, or sleep deprivation problem that needs to be addressed. Then, if you choose to include it back in your life, you at least know what your body feels without it. You may find you don’t want it as much once you break the addiction.

Plus, if you replace the coffee in the morning with water, you may find that your lack of energy was really due to dehydration. You may not need coffee once you up the water intake! Aim for half your body weight in ounces a day (not to exceed 100 oz however). Add a pinch of good quality sea salt to reap even more benefits.

If it's the ritual you enjoy, there are coffee alternatives out there like Dandy Blend or Mellow Rooster.

As with anything you put in your body, quality is key. Do your research for the quality coffee. Certain brands test for mold like Bulletproof Coffee and Purity Coffee.