Embrace the space between it's over and not yet

Oooo this is a hard lesson to learn. That feeling in your gut when you're anxious to get to the next step in your life but while doing this, you're missing out on your life. When Gabby Bernstein said this recently in her Spirit Junkie Masterclass, it hit me right in the gut.

I admit, I have never been good at this. I'm always trying to control, plan, be one step ahead of the game (and I usually am!) But lately I've been reading Eckhart Tolle on living in the now and it's helped tremendously. (Still a long way to go!) 

I've been feeling this one extra hard lately because I'm making some big personal changes soon and I'm SO EXCITED to get there... And SO SAD a chapter is ending. It's a feeling of "hurry up and wait", of cognitive dissonance, of over thinking the past and the future just trying to make me comfortable with all of it.

Yet through all of this, I'm missing a very special and interesting time in my life. Not to mention, actual life. Even if it is uncomfortable. 

So if you're also coming up on a big change or are anxious to get to the next step in life, embrace the space between it's over and not yet.